Best Looper Pedals for Guitars

Top 10 Looper Pedals for Guitars

A guitarist's pedalboard isn't complete without a high-quality looper pedal as part of it. Looper pedals offer a whole new dimension to a guitarist's playing. It can be used to create a backing track, to add layers to your sound, ...
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Best Reverb Pedal for Guitarists

Best Reverb Pedal for Quick Changing of Sound in 2022

We're going to tell you why the best reverb pedal is so important for musicians. If you're someone who's just purchased a guitar and want to master it, but aren't completely satisfied with the sound that you get, try adding ...
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Best Noise Gate Pedal Reviews

Best Noise Gate Pedal of 2022

Below, we take a look at the Best Noise Gate Pedals. Finding the best noise gate pedal on the market should be of great importance for many guitarists. Yet, astonishingly, few people use them or even understand what they do ...
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Best Chorus Pedal for Guitars in 2022

Given their immense popularity, you would be forgiven for assuming the task of finding the best chorus pedal would be an easy one. Yet it is exactly this popularity that causes problems for would be buyers like you. Chorus is ...
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Best Multi Effects Pedal

Best Multi Effects Pedal of 2022

The guitar effects pedal provides guitarists with edge, but the “Multi Effects Pedal” has revolutionized the game. We are here to help you find the best multi effects pedal for you. Different controls, modes, effects and all the advanced features ...
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The Highest Rated Wah Pedal of 2017 Review

The Best Wah Pedals to Buy in 2022 Review

This guide will help you find the best Wah Pedal as this is something that may prove quite difficult, considering the number of extremely good Wah treadles available. Manufacturers have gone above and beyond to provide guitarists and musicians with the ...
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Top 10 Rated Clean Boost Pedals for Guitar Solos in 2022

Finding the best boost pedal isn’t always top of the priority list for guitarists on the hunt for tonal perfection. Distortion Pedals (click here for the review),  Reverb  and other effects units often steal the limelight, but that doesn’t mean ...
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The Top Uni-Vibe Pedal for Jimi Hendrix Vibes

In the magical land of guitar pedals, the best Univibe Pedal might be the most legendary of them all, like a myth that everybody believes in, but many can’t really grasp. They just know that it's the best thing since ...
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The 10 Top Rated Compressor Pedals 2022

Before you decide on the best compressor pedal for you, you might be wondering what a compressor pedal is. To narrow it down, it’s a piece of gear that makes loud sounds (like screeching) quieter, and quiet sounds (like that ...
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The Top Rated Octave Pedal for Bass Sound

There are many different types of guitar pedals on the market today, and we've noticed that many guitarists are hesitant when it comes to buying a new one. For example, how can one know what the best octave pedal is? ...
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The 10 Best Vocal Processors of 2022

Singing is fun, right? But you know what makes it even more fun? Using the best vocal processor you’re able to get, and unlocking lots of potential that was out of reach before. A vocal processor will allow you to ...
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The 9 Best Volume Pedals

Buying a volume pedal is a great decision. This easy-to-use, affordable piece of gear has to be in every serious guitarist's arsenal. You'll be able to experiment and create music that you wouldn't be able to without it. If you've ...
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Tremolo Pedal

The Top 10 Best Tremolo Pedals

It can be tough to know what key features make for the best tremolo pedal. If you are looking to branch out and add throbbing waves, chops, purrs, linear rises or intense stutters to your box of tricks, then a ...
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Phaser Pedals

10 Best Phaser Pedals of 2022

Phaser pedals produce one of the most essential effects a guitar player can have, with a multitude manufactured it can be difficult to know what sets each of them apart and ultimately decide which is the best Phaser pedal to ...
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Analog Delay Pedals

10 Best Analog Delay Pedals of 2022

How to decide what makes for the best Analog Delay guitar pedal is a subject everyone seems to have an opinion on. This is hardly surprising with it being an overtly popular effect ever since it's appearance in the late ...
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Digital Delay Pedal

10 Best Digital Delay Pedals of 2022

Welcome to our 10 best digital delay pedals of all time review, which we hope will shed some light on the capabilities of the digital versions of one of the most popular guitar effects of all time. Since the introduction ...
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Pedal Power Supply

10 Best Pedal Power Supplies in 2022

If you're looking to create an expansive pedalboard, then you're going to need the best guitar pedal power supplies. With so many on the market, seemingly offering similar technical specifications, it can be confusing to know what one to buy ...
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Top 10 Overdrive Pedals for Great Metal Sound in 2022

An overdrive pedal is an essential piece of gear for every serious guitarist. That's especially true if you're a rock or metal fan, as it will beef up your electric guitar like no other effects pedal is capable of. But ...
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Tuner Pedals

10 Best Tuner Pedals in 2022

A great tuner pedal is an essential and altogether under-rated tool. We have sifted through the ten best tuner pedals on the market to help you find the right one for you. Clip-on instrument tuners don't always cut it in ...
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The Top EQ Pedal for Metal Guitar & Bass Playing in 2022

Are you looking for the best EQ pedals? Does the hunt for one make you feel like you are lost in a jungle without a map to find the best way? We understand. There are so many good models out ...
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The Top Distortion Pedal for Heavy Metal & More in 2022

Arguably the most important pedal on any rock guitar player’s effects board is the mighty distortion pedal. Not all distortion pedals are equal of course, which is why we’ve reviewed the best distortion pedal for you to choose from, ranging ...
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DI Box

10 Best DI Boxes in 2022

If you're after a decent signal solving solution and recording set-up then you're in luck, as we've dug up the 10 best DI boxes knocking about on Amazon. The benefits of a balancing DI box make them a solid investment ...
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The Top 11 Delay Pedals in the World Right Now

Finding the best delay pedal isn’t such an easy task. After all, there are so many great options on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. Just picking the newest, most cutting-edge model isn't a good ...
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Flanger Pedal

The Top 10 Flanger Pedals of All Time

Wet and dry signals, oscillations, comb filtration, whooshing jets, Doppler and expanding universes, these are all words and terms used when describing flanger pedals, so of course you want one! But which is the best flanger pedal for you? Play ...
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Top 10 Rated Fuzz Pedals for 2022

If you're a rock or blues fan - or if you are looking to experiment with a new playing style - then a fuzz pedal can be a great investment to unlock new sounds. But it can be difficult to ...
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