Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Review

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Review (2022)

Review of Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Any serious PC gamer knows that having a quality speaker system can truly enhance your gaming experience. Klipsch’s ProMedia 2.1 THX system has been around in some form for more than two decades. It’s ...
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KEF Q150 Review

KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers Review (2022)

Review of the KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers Bookshelf speakers are a convenient choice for audiophiles who want quality speakers that don’t take up much space. They can be integrated into a home theatre system, as well as making up part ...
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Best Powered Speakers PA for Concerts

Top 11 Powered PA Speakers for DJ's and more in 2022

Getting the best powered PA speakers will require some research into what these speakers offer, and what you really need. Besides the basic requirements like high volume range, clarity, and durability, there are other aspects that should be taken into consideration ...
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Best Studio Monitors

10 Best Studio Monitors & Speakers of 2022

Finding the best studio monitors can be a challenge. Which brand should you go for? Which type is best? What about size, weight, and material? Don't worry, we've simplified the studio monitor buying process for you below. There are a number of ...
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Best Budget Subwoofer

10 Best Budget Subwoofers in 2022

The best subwoofers add soul to your music. The subwoofer is only intended to produce low frequency sounds as the high-frequency ones are taken care of by loudspeakers. If you're on a smaller budget, read on for the best budget ...
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Best Portable PA System Speaker Reviews

13 Best Portable PA Systems of 2022

Getting your hands on the best portable PA System is a no-brainer, but buying the best system for your needs might be a little tough. It's even tougher if you don't know what those needs are, exactly. So, before investing ...
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Best Budget Studio Monitors Review

Best Budget Studio Monitors of 2022

Finding the best budget monitor speakers for your recording-studio doesn't have to be difficult. Which is why the team at Music Critic reviewed the top studio monitors under $300, to save you the hard work. Studio monitors (also called workroom ...
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Subwoofers for Cars

10 Best Subwoofers for Cars in 2022

For many drivers, having deep, booming bass coming out of their car's sound system is a must. To ensure that you can hear your favorite tunes' basslines clearly and loudly, then you're going to need a quality sub. Fortunately, we've ...
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Computer Speakers Under $50

10 Best Computer Speakers Under $50

Here for your convenience, we have compiled the 10 best computer speakers under $50. Most of us use our PCs for far more than the occasional game of solitaire in between office tasks. We are living in an age with ...
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Powered Speakers

10 Best Powered Speakers in 2022

As recently requested we are going to give a good rundown of the 10 best Powered Speakers, what their assets and features are and just why that makes them the best. Despite modern conveniences often opting for built-in speakers and ...
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Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

In this article, we're going to look at the 10 best Bluetooth speakers under $100. This little gadget is a must-have for people these days. It allows you to listen to your favorite tunes and podcasts wherever you are, and ...
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Speakers Under 200

10 Best Speakers Under $100 in 2022

In this article, we are taking a sneak peek at the 10 best speakers under $100 in 2022, for those of you looking for a set of dedicated speakers to give your audio levels a boost, with a budget that ...
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6.5 Speakers

10 Best 6.5 Speakers in 2022

Do you need a good 6.5-inch speaker with excellent sound quality and bass you'll love? In this article, we're going to review the 10 best 6.5 speakers and hone in on what sets them apart. The majority of our selection ...
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6x9 Speakers

10 Best 6×9 Speakers in 2022

In this article, we're going to be looking at the 10 best 6x9 speakers in 2022. These are essential components for drivers who want a better sound system in their cars, which can make a daily commute or a long ...
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In-Wall Speakers

10 Best In-Wall Speakers of 2022

If you are looking to set up or add to a home theater system, or sound system and you are seriously committed, please read on. Sometimes in-wall speakers are the only solid way to go, so today we are busting ...
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Bookshelf Speakers

10 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $200

We are no strangers to speaker reviews, in fact, we have done so many, that links may be tough to navigate if you're shopping with a budget in mind, so today's reviews have been restricted to the 10 best bookshelf ...
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Home theater speaker

10 Best High End Home Theater Speakers in 2022

Join us as we step away from our usual budget or type restricted speaker article style to peruse a few products that make for an awesome addition to a surround system set-up, as we choose the 10 best high-end home ...
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Bookshelf speakers

Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500

From time to time, we like to shake things up a little and categorize our product reviews according to their retail price, and so today we are going to scrutinize the 10 best bookshelf speakers under $500. Given that the ...
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Party people

10 Best Party Speakers In 2022

Every once in a while you need to let loose with some friends and crank up the tunes. Music is one of the most unifying forces in our world and it's a wonderful way to bring people together. If you're ...
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Gaming Speakers

10 Best Gaming Speakers in 2022

In this article, we are going to be highlighting 10 of the best gaming speakers in 2022. To give you a good idea of just what exactly your cash can get you, we have selected those we feel represent the ...
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6x8 Audio speakers

10 Best 6×8 Speakers In 2022

If you're looking to kit out your car or upgrade the old to the new, then today's article will inspire you, as we're reviewing the 10 best 6x8 speakers in 2022. 6 by 8 is a typical car speaker size ...
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Marine Speakers

10 Best Marine Speakers in 2022

In this article we are diving headfirst, (no pun intended) for a look at the 10 best marine speakers in 2022. The audio-electronics market is literally awash with competing products, which can sometimes make it much tougher to distinguish the ...
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Bluetooth speaker

10 Best Bass Bluetooth Speakers in 2022

When Bluetooth speakers first crept onto the market, many failed to impress in the bass department. But for an overview of how they've evolved, we've rounded up the 10 best bass Bluetooth speakers in 2022. We're living in a wireless ...
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Boom box buetooth

10 Best Boomboxes in 2022

The boom box is a bass dispersing beast in a portable package, modeled on their retro ancestors who saw their popularity peak in the early eighties we have gathered a few of the best modern reincarnations to review as we ...
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Vinyl close up playing in action

10 Best Speakers For Vinyl in 2022

We review hundreds of speakers here at Music Critic, in today’s reviews we are going to look exclusively at those equipped for your record player, so sit back and prepare for the 10 best speakers for vinyl in 2022. Vinyl ...
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