Disk Jockey

Mackie Profx10V3

Mackie PROFX10V3 10-Channel Mixer Review

The ProFXv3 Series mixers from Mackie are elegant re-imaginings of their most popular series. They come in six different channel counts that vary from 6-30, catering for both hobbyist and professional home set-ups. The original ProFX series mixers provided a ...
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Best DJ Controller Review

10 Best DJ Controllers for 2022

In this article, we'll give you a list of the best DJ controllers of all time. But before we do, let's cover what these DJ controllers are and what they do. A DJ controller is a device that helps DJs ...
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Roland Spd Sx

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Percussion Pad Review

The Roland SPD-SX is a percussion sampling pad. It features 100 kits, 20 polyphony voices, and has an internal memory of 4GB. It offers 21 master effects, 20 kit effects, and has an EQ. The Roland SPD-SX weighs 5lbs 9oz ...
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Best DJ Turntables Review

10 Best DJ Turntables of 2022

If you’re wondering what the best DJ turntables are, then you could just as easily be a budding novice to a DJ who has got people grooving on dancefloors around the world. A DJ turntable is a critical piece of ...
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Computers For Music Production

10 Best Computers For Music Production

The music production world is filled with the latest and best pieces of technology. From considerable soundboards to audio computers, there is nothing the industry hasn’t seen. Perhaps you’ve already got all the rest of the music production gear, you’ve ...
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DJ Laptop

10 Best DJ Laptops To Buy in 2022

In this article, we are going to review the top ten best DJ laptops to buy and hopefully filter through the relevant features that make each a viable DJing Device and why. There is no shortage of software for disk ...
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DJ Mixer

10 Best DJ Mixers in 2022

In store for you in this installment, is a cheeky gander at a superb selection of the top 10 best DJ mixers. In our usual "10 best" format, we are going to break down their benefits into helpful bite-size chunks, ...
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Music DJ

10 Best DJ Speakers in 2022

For the modern DJ playing on the circuit, you need to have a setup that can fill a venue, competing with a night club sound system, or versatile enough to compliment it, so to help we have scoured the web ...
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MIDI Keyboard controller

10 Best MIDI Controllers for FL Studio

When you have a heavy workload to handle on a regular basis you aren't likely to be relying on a regular mouse and keyboard in your DAW regardless of what type it is, today we are going to discuss the ...
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MIDI Controller

Best High-End MIDI Keyboard Controllers in 2022

Let us take a look at the perceived top 3 MIDI keyboard controllers based on real user feedback. View the features and benefits we have summarized into helpful sections so that you can make an informed choice about what's best ...
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Party People

10 Best Party Lights in 2022

Party lights are the difference between a fun gathering and a night that you won’t ever forget! There are all sorts of party lights, ranging from disco balls to standard lighting. You might want to illuminate your backyard or turn ...
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DJ and party people

10 Best DJ Lights in 2022

Adding a good set of DJ lights to your stage lighting setup is a great way to get the crowd moving! There are all sorts of different types of DJ lighting depending on the kind of gig you’re getting into ...
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People watching concert

The Best Stage Lights in 2022

If you're looking for the best stage lights, then you'll know how a great lighting setup is all you need to complete a party, a wedding, or a concert. Whatever your purpose, choosing the best stage lights doesn't have to ...
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Laptop for DJING

Best Computer for DJing in 2022

The best computers for DJing should offer you a wide range of features so that you can use them both for music production and for live performances. That means that the best laptop for DJing will include a powerful processor, ...
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Novation Mininova 37 Keys

Novation Mininova Synthesizer with Vocoder Review

Are you in the market for a small yet punchy synthesizer that gives you ultimate control over the sounds you’re creating, plus vocal recording and adjustments like no other, as well as a ton of fantastic features that will help ...
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Yamaha Reface Cp

Yamaha Reface CP Synthesizer (2022 Review)

While finding the right synthesizer can be hard work, especially since there are so many out there with lots of different features, functions, and purposes, Yamaha has successfully made things more comfortable with their coveted Reface CP piano synth. Let’s ...
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Novation Launchpad Pro

Novation Launchpad Pro Grid Controller Review

The LaunchPad Pro has a contemporary design with an uncluttered layout to keep it easy to find your way around. If features a 16x16 grid of RGB touch-pads like the original launchpad, but has twice as many buttons as the ...
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